Planning Permission can be a legal necessity if you plan on building an extension, loft conversion of simply change the use of your property. For smaller developments, a Permitted Development application might be more suitable than a general Planning Permission. There are several aspects to consider when choosing the way to legalise your development.

For residential properties and homeowners, a Householder Planning Application would normally tick the box. For commercial properties and professional developers, a Full Planning Application would normally be required as well as change of use. This is always case specific.

There are many different types of applications so it is paramount to get this right from the beginning. Not only will it delay the process to get this wrong it will normally also have a financial implication.

We have a team of architects and technicians who can help you get your development off the ground without unnecessary delay or extra costs.  With 15 years experience, we have been dealing with a vast number of local authorities all over England.